What We Do

Betty Boo Real estate sales is the specialist in Little Cayman real estate, with over 20 years of experience on the island. Whether you are looking for beautiful land for a dream home, a house ready to become your vacation home, or a long term investment, Betty Boo is the place to go. Help is provided on real estate, but also on understanding the different advantages at different sites on the island. Betty Boo can show you the many possibilities Little Cayman offers.

Who is Betty Boo

Betty Bua-Smith has lived on Little Cayman for 25 years, knowing the Real Estate in depth as well as the practical aspects of life on Little Cayman. She can give you information or direct you to the right government agency for various questions or procedures you may have that are used in the Cayman Islands, including banking and “Due Diligence”. Click here for contact information.

Little Cayman Listings

Click here to see the Betty Boo Real Estate listings on Little Cayman Island.

Why Little Cayman and the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are a very safe and secure location to purchase property. As a result of the Cayman Islands government survey conducted in 1970, every parcel of land in the Cayman Islands has been surveyed. The Cayman Islands operate under British law, meaning the purchase process and your property rights are secure. Click here to read more about purchasing real estate on Little Cayman.

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